The little known link between interior design and organizational efficiency. — Cobalt Blue 1802

So your chairs are ergonomic and you have the most up-to-date tech. But have you considered how office interior design might impact your employee’s wellbeing and productivity, too?

If you ask us, business owners and office managers are missing a trick. After all, office interior design has the power to revolutionize our way of working.

Combine great lighting with the right furniture and an inspiring design scheme…and you could end up with a happier, more efficient and more productive workforce.

Here’s how you can adapt your office space to really benefit your team and your organization.

Why good interior design is so important to productivity in the workplace

So first, let’s get to grips with why workplace interior design is so important.

Increased sociability and collaboration

Two heads are better than one. And three is better than two.

If you want to encourage collaboration and good team-working amongst your employees, you need an office space that promotes human interaction.

The way desks are configured. The ease with which staff can move around the office. The number, location and atmosphere of conversation-starting communal spaces.

These design and layout choices can make it easier for your employees to share ideas throughout the working day — without resorting to long-winded, time-consuming email exchanges.

It helps them to solve problems, come up with ideas and support each other in order to achieve optimal business results.

Make the most of the space you have

Every square foot of office space comes at a price. So you want to be sure you’re using all of it to its fullest potential.

When you properly assess and adapt the interior design of your office, you can be sure you’re creating spaces aligned to your business and your way of working.

A well-designed space will be able to fulfill a number of different functions: quiet workspace, collaborative hub, a place for team members to relax and recharge. When the office environment properly supports the varied activities taking place there, it helps teams to work more effectively.

Benefit from natural lighting

Natural light is a seriously powerful thing; it has a significant impact on your employees and how they go about their work.

Lots of natural light, coming in through large windows, can improve mood and energy levels . It can also reduce physiological problems like eye strain and headaches, caused by looking at computer screens for an extended period of time.

Another benefit? Exposure to natural light helps your team to sleep better, which means they’ll come into the office feeling well-rested and ready to work.

Maximizing the natural light you have available in the office can really boost employee wellbeing (and productivity to boot).

How to use interior design to improve organizational efficiency

Flex to different working styles

People like to work in different ways. And there are very few people who feel their most motivated and productive sitting at the same desk all day long.

When there are a range of different spaces to sit and work, team members get up more to move around the office. They can choose the work zone most suited to the task at hand and/or their mindset at that particular moment in time.

From comfortable, single-occupancy pods where employees can concentrate alone, to laid-back lunch counters for social meals. Informal seating areas where teams can meet and talk, to conference rooms that give you the confidence to stand up and present to clients.

Allowing your workforce a change of scene can help them find their mojo — even on those days when it’s in short supply.

Opt for an open plan space

Parceling your workforce away into small rooms and mini offices isn’t the way to encourage collaboration or team morale. An open plan office encourages teams to communicate, to support each other and to accomplish more.

But it’s not just about ditching those ugly partitions.

You should think carefully and creatively about layout. A well-placed coffee station or meeting room can create opportunities for conversation and collaboration. And if you have teams who like to work under different conditions, you can create zones within your open plan.

That means the finance team gets to work in relative quiet. And the marketing team has all the space it needs to bounce ideas off one another.

Use maximum lighting to keep office space bright

Ideally, you want an office space that lets in as much natural light as possible. But not every office is blessed with huge windows and skylights.

So what can you do?

Lighting should be used to create a welcoming and inspiring environment. Too dim or too harsh and you risk straining your employees’ eyes and denting their productivity.

So choose daylight bulbs that mimic natural lighting instead. Avoid on-trend lighting that looks good but doesn’t actually fulfill the right function within a room. And be cautious of irritating screen glare, too — light diffusers are a great way to spread the light evenly across the office.

Add some plants!

There’s lots of research out there showing the positive effect a little greenery can have within the office. Plants, and a connection to nature in the workplace, can make employees feel less stressed and more creative. This, in turn, makes them more productive as well.

For some inspiration, check out the Amazon Spheres in Seattle.

Even without going to this kind of green extreme, you can still breathe a little fresh air and innovation into your business with the help of a few beautiful and well-tended pot plants.

What next?

Whether you’re managing a corporate office space or a home-working setup, the same rules apply. Your environment has a huge impact on you and the quality of your work.

If you could use a helping hand creating an office space with the power to inspire you and your workforce, get in touch with us here at Cobalt Blue . During your complimentary consultation, we’ll talk about your workplace and what we can do to improve it. With knowledge of human psychology and beautiful, high-functioning design, we’re confident we can improve your office interior and your workplace productivity, too.

Originally published at on February 23, 2021.

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