Starting a new business is both exciting and also one of the scariest things imaginable. Being a ‘solo entrepreneur’ means you have to wear many hats and be skilled in so many areas if you want your ideas to take off.

But here’s the thing, you don’t have to do it alone.

While there’s a few things that almost anyone can train themselves to do — scheduling your social media posts, basic accounting using QuickBooks — when it comes to things like logos, branding and website design… it’s always wise to hire in the experts.

So how do you take…

Mid-Century Modern is back in vogue — just check the decor section of Pinterest or Instagram Explore and you’ll see what we mean. Just like with catwalk fashions, architecture and interior design trends are very cyclical and everything old is new again.

What is Mid-Century Modern architecture?

Think Mad Men. Flat roofs, natural light, bright accent colors and clean lines are dominating vision boards right now. But for all its popularity, the “MCM” design period is often cited incorrectly.

In fact, Mid-Century Modern is having such a resurgence right now that it risks becoming buzz-speak in architecture design circles. …

Happy new home! Getting the keys to a property (whether you’re renting or owning) is a really exciting milestone.

But — and we’re speaking from recent experience here — that feeling of excitement doesn’t always last. You get through the door and, yikes, you notice little “quirks” that weren’t so obvious during the tour. Maybe the walls need a refresh or the bathroom’s looking tired.

In those first weeks of a new home, you can be left wondering how on earth you’ll manage to make it feel like yours. …

Hands up if UberEats is also your most-used app right now?

And keep your hands up if your tendency to tap “order” directly relates to your business success, too? Closed a big sale: treat yourself to takeout! Worked 14 hours today: it’s takeout time!

But, unfortunately, while eating fast food seems like a good idea in the moment, it can actually have long term impacts that you might not even be aware of. When your diet drops in quality, so too does your ability to work at full potential.

If you’re skipping micro- and macro-nutrients in your diet, it becomes…

How your office is designed says a lot about your business. It’s also got the power to motivate, or drain, your team.

So when you sign a lease on an empty shell of an office space, where do you begin? Unfurnished offices are like a blank sheet of paper: intimidating at first, but offering so much creative potential.

It’s all in how you approach the design challenge. And this checklist will help guide the way….

Step 1: Decide on a budget

Business is business, so how much of the company’s budget can you spend on this office fit out? $50,000? $5,000? …

Being a digital nomad is undeniably great. We get the freedom to work when and where we want, we get to say goodbye to commuting and boring office work, and we get to travel the world and make amazing memories while still having an income.

It’s a great life. But, despite what it looks like on social media, there are still some downsides to being a truly remote worker, right?.

It’s tough to balance work flow with your personal life — walking that tightrope of making sure you have enough work coming in, but not so much that you’re snowed…

Need a way to truly express your brand values?

Great office design is a super-power. So why not leverage it to show the world what you, and your team, are all about?

Workspaces needn’t be dull, drab and boring — don’t play-it-safe and opt for the traditional neutral office walls. Allow your corporate space to reflect your company’s personality instead.

Whether your brand is fun and upbeat, or professional and stylish, the interior design of your office is just as important a communication tool as your logo, website and packaging design.

So how can you make it work for you?

Bringing your visual brand language and office design together

It’s wild to imagine how something as small as a bee could have such an impact on our world. But they really are like mini superheroes.

Bees are vital to most ecosystems. Yet their populations are declining rapidly, and if they disappeared entirely, a vast proportion of our food sources would be at risk. Beekeepers in the US and Europe note a 30% decline in their bee numbers each year and currently wild bee species is in danger of extinction.

It’s our actions that are causing the decline of many of the world’s species, including bees. …

There’s really no right or wrong way to give back. Some people make financial donations, while others prefer to donate their time or skills. It’s not about how you do it, but about your intent to do good.

There are countless ways you can donate, and countless organizations or movements that you can donate to — you’ve just gotta find what works best for you. If you’re time-poor but have a disposable income, you can set up rolling monthly donations or buy products from causes you believe in. …

A fellow interior designer and author, Alexandra Stoddard, once said: “The home is the center of your soul; it’s a total reflection of your inner life”.

So what does your space say about you?

We can all be guilty of making a mess. When life is fast-paced and demanding, we take shortcuts: shoes get tossed by the front door, bills and letters pile up on the hallway table.

And on weekends, there are 100 or more other things we’d rather do than tackle mounds of papers or sort out the kitchen cupboards.

But actually, finding ways to tidy and organize…

Georgina Borneman-Street

VFX Producer, Designer & Entrepreneur. Always traveling, and exploring the world! From Africa to Central America to Europe and the States!

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